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While it is true that most of our members are local shooters, we do have members that live in other communities who have chosen to join our club. We appreciate the continued support of all members, and if you would like to join, we welcome you aboard. Membership entitles you to a key to the facilities, and as a member you can attend our club meetings and have a vote in what we do. Even if you choose not to join our gun club, we encourage you to join the major organizations that sanction the sport you choose to participate in.

For those wishing to shoot in sanctioned trap shoots, you would need to join the Amature Trapshooting Association (ATA). Of course, you are encouraged to join the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and you will be required to join if you want full membership status and a classification. We are also a member of The Steel Challenge Shooting Association.

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